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Artificial Intelligence
Structures and strategies for complex problem solving
George F. Luger

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Artificial Intelligence By: George F. Luger

Year: Pearson Addison-Wesley, 2009  |  File Size: 6.7MB  |  File Type: PDF  |  Pages: 779
Category: Computers

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In this accessible, comprehensive text, George Luger captures the essence of artificial intelligencesolving the complex problems that arise wherever computer technology is applied.Key representation techniques including logic, semantic and connectionist networks, graphical models, and many more are introduced. Presentation of agent technology and the use of ontologies are added. A new machine-learning chapter is based on stochastic methods, including first-order Bayesian networks, variants of hidden Markov models, inference with Markov random fields and loopy belief propagation. A new presentation of parameter fitting with expectation maximization learning and structure learning using Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling. Use of Markov decision processes in reinforcement learning. Natural language processing with dynamic programming (the Earley parser) and other probabilistic parsing techniques including Viterbi, are added. A new supplemental programming book is available online and in print:AI Algorithms in Prolog, Lisp and Java trade;.References and citations are updated throughout the Sixth Edition.For all readers interested in artificial intelligence.

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